Year 5 and 6 Detectives🔎: An Exciting Criminal Investigation Session! 🚓🔬

😄👮‍♂️ Our Year 5 and 6 students had an incredible time during their recent Derbyshire Constabulary Mini Police session on Criminal Investigation. 🎉🔦

👥 Our young investigators had the opportunity to step into the shoes of real police officers👮‍♀️, learning about the thrilling world of crime-solving and putting their problem-solving skills to the test. 💡🔍

🔎 From examining clues at the crime scene 🚔 to deciphering codes 🔢 and dusting for fingerprints 🖐️, our young officers were fully immersed in the investigative process! 💡💪

As well as being incredibly fun, this hands-on session also provided an invaluable opportunity for our students to develop crucial skills such as critical thinking, teamwork and perseverance. 🧠🤝💪