Textiles Project in Year 3/4! 🧶🎨

📣🎉 Our incredible Year 3/4 students have been diving headfirst into the captivating world of textiles and Miss Taylor couldn’t be more proud! 🌈✂️

👩‍🎨 In their Design Technology lessons, our young innovators have discovered the art of creating their very own weaving looms. It’s been an absolute joy to witness their creativity blossom and their imagination soar as they explore the wonderful world of fabric and patterns. 🎉👏

🌟 From selecting vibrant yarns to intricate weaving techniques, our students are truly pushing the boundaries of their artistic abilities. They’ve been crafting stunning tapestries, beautifully woven with a spectrum of colors that would make any rainbow envious! 🌈💫

🏫 At St Joseph’s we believe in empowering our students through diverse and unique learning experiences. Our Design Technology curriculum ensures that every child has the opportunity to explore their creative side and develop important skills for the future. 💡🌟