At St Joseph’s, we value the Religious Education with equal importance to the other core subjects of English and Maths

As a Catholic school, we use at least 10% of our curriculum time on RE from Reception up to Year Six. This equates to 2 hours per week in EYFS and KS1 and 2 and a half hours per week in KS2. We also conduct Collective Worship in different forms across all classes, including Nursery.

As we are a part of the Nottingham Diocese, we undertake lessons using the Come and See curriculum. This scheme uses relevant resources to make learning fun, interactive, deep and meaningful in each class. At the start of each unit, children explain what they know already about the topic being studied and by the end of the unit, children are able to celebrate in a class situation to show their understanding from their new learning.

Each term, a newsletter is sent home to each family to explain our topics and give ideas for home reflection. As well as this, children across each class are given the opportunity to celebrate their learning with the whole school and parents through class assemblies, liturgies and homework.

Our Mission Statement:

Jesus is the heart of all that we are and do together.

We seek to excel in every area of our learning.

Our School Motto:

“Live like Jesus.”

Laudato Si

Laudata Si is an encyclical from Pope Francis on climate and justice to “enter into dialogue with all people about our common home.”

As a school we promote caring for our planet through our links with CAFOD, as an Eco School and our Fairtrade ethos.