PE is an integral part of the curriculum at St Joseph’s. With the funding each school now receives as part of the School Sports funding, we have ensured the children in school take part in high quality PE lessons as well as giving them opportunities to take part in after school sporting clubs.

Our main aim is to raise participation levels and the profile of sport within the school and engage more of those children who are not instinctively drawn to sport. This is now being achieved with the majority of key stage 1 and 2 children representing the school in some form of sporting activity since September 2016.

We also aim to develop those children who are already involved in the sporting life of the school to a higher standard and to allow them to compete at higher levels. This is achieved through entering teams in cluster and district competitions in which some of our teams have gone through to county finals in a variety of different sports. These children are then encouraged to join one of the many local sporting clubs to further enhance their progress.

From an early age, competitive sport is nurtured and encouraged, with KS1 pupils preparing for and entering local competitions in athletics, football, and gymnastics. In KS2, the school’s aim is for every child to take part in at least one sport festival, with staff identifying the pupils with specific talents in, for example, football, tennis or orienteering. Skills are taught through P.E. lessons and through a wide variety of sports provision offered after school, both through teachers but also through highly skilled sports coaches. This enables not only the less active pupils, but also the most able children to develop their skills in specific sporting interventions. This helps pupils to build on key skills ahead of tournaments and competitions and further develop their resilience, teamwork and passion of the sports which they participate in.

In Year 6 we deliver a Sports Leadership programme which is led by the PE Coordinator. Pupils use this to teach, plan and assess PE lessons and provide extra-curricular sporting opportunities for other pupils. This is an engaging project for all pupils. The Sports Leaders also lead play sessions during lunch times.

The school is keen to provide a wide range of extra-curricular clubs for pupils throughout the year. We monitor participation and check uptake against gender, SEND and disadvantaged pupils. We also enter a wide range of competitions in these sports and have progressed to the finals in a range of sports.

St Joseph’s PE Policy March 2020