All children are encouraged to enjoy mathematics and become more enthusiastic mathematicians by developing their skills, qualities and knowledge through practical experiences, which have relevance and purpose in everyday situations.

At St Joseph’s we:

  • Encourage teachers and pupils to enjoy mathematics
  • Plan from the maths curriculum
  • Ensure children have a daily mathematics lesson
  • Ensure children engage with the teaching of oral and mental mathematics
  • Adopt whole class interactive teaching methods
  • Introduce  greater pace to mathematics lessons
  • Use more effective questioning techniques
  • Introduce mathematical terminology in a systematic way
  • Engage in high quality training
  • Encourage pupils to refine their mathematical explanations
  • Assess mathematics and analyse data effectively to identify next steps in pupils learning in school, including target setting for cohorts and intervention strategies as appropriate.
  • Involve parents in their children’s mathematical education

Maths Policy 2019-2020

Written Calculation Policy 2019

Maths policy UPDATED 2019